Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July is Here! So bright and shiny!

My one and only favorite blog photo -
"Oh the places we will go and look stylish!
Oh I write this post in the New Year, at least for me.  I have started and stopped writing my blog so many times battling health issues. I have undergone back surgery, two knee replacements and then had to fix my left ankle with 10 pins and a plate - few more surgeries in between. Boo hoo, right? I try to put things in perspective on most days because I am blessed with a family supporting me throughout the better part of 3 years. Oh, and in the middle of all this, my role was consolidated after 13 years of visionary creative and strategic planning for our clients. What can you say, really? It is time to move it forward and I am finally ready to return to the many things I enjoy doing like blogging for all you wonderful people!

Still one of my fav style icons Jenna Lyons. Afterall.
She and J. Crew were the main inspiration to start my style blog.
Tod's women's kitten heel going u
p to my seller site soon!

Exquisite Lafayette Layering Sweater
with beautiful collar gem beading - up to eBay soon!

So where is the silver lining? I ask myself this every time a boulder comes rolling down the hill with me right in its way. So I had to decide if I was going to get out of the way and fight or lay down with backless courage and pity. Well, I'm still here.

I am trying to get back to my blogging, tweeting, pinning, eBay-in  - all for my namesake "alittlecrewzy". Please like me on Facebook as well! I give a heads up when I am posting designer and high retail items for men and women. Since I have taken an executive break if you will, I have a lot to share for a price you will get far less than I did!

I hope this finds you all well. I am excited to getting back to writing about fashion, beauty, pop culture - all to which attach themselves to the arty train which I love. I could talk about tulle for an hour and I know many of my readers could too!

Life is about not taking yourself so seriously and this has been a hard lesson for me, but certainly my writing and sharing keeps me on the straight and narrow.

My nearly perfect vintage, authentic Chanel quilted, chain strap handbag.
All criteria met for authenticity which will list on eBay;
however, I would consider an offer offline.
you are welcome to see more pics and present an offer.
My personal business email is c.rosatiyoos@aol.com.
Seychelles tie up boots going up to
my seller site soon!

Come back to see me and engage and certainly check alittlecrewzy as my seller name on eBay. I am getting ready to post many wonderful items including a near ly perfect vintage padded Chanel bag.  It has taken a little longer than expected because my photos were not uploading properly, but think we have it resolved.  I already sold both Kate Spade handbags that were up and I have a pair of Women's J. Crew Owen lace-up boots, at $129 it is a steal and I am not lowering it further after this post. I have reduced it twice.

You can find me on Twitter @chrisrosatiyoos which is marketing focused and am currently working on a separate feed for alittlecrewzy focused to fashion, beauty, arts, pop culture musings...
J. Crew Women's Summer Slip-ons posted up to eBay shortly.
On Pinterest you will find me at Chris Rosati Yoos aka alittlecrewzy. Instagram - chrisrosatiyoos, Facebook - alittlecrewzy and my professional detail on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisrosatiyoos...

Cheers! (some of my fav summer images so far including my Chanel bag I am getting ready to sell!


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